Course Description

This course introduces students to the concepts for developing new African architectural languages, inspired by the culture and technology of traditional and contemporary Nigerian societies. The course surveys both the African and Diaspora built environment, teaching design practices that are culturally and environmentally sustainable in both regions. Students will be introduced to the research initiatives via the CPDI Africa 5 Elements of African Centered Architecture, developed as a lens for understanding design philosophy of the continent, for fast tracking the development African architecture and planning practices.

Course curriculum

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Course Objective

Presented by leading scholars, practitioners and experts in the profession, students will gain multi and interdisciplinary perspectives on how to preserve heritage, and also offer solutions to challenges faced in urban and rural built landscapes. The overall objective of this course is to provide scholars with professional knowledge not included in mainstream academies and practice, that chronicles Africa’s contribution to professions of the built environment.

Course Topics

1. Afrocentric theoretical frameworks and pedagogy

2. Natural building materials and standardization

3. Green building materials and African rating systems

4. Understanding and interpreting African architecture design briefs

5. Policy and land tenure practices in Nigeria

6. Urban planning and urbanization in African cities

7. Translating elements of culture, spirituality, community engagement in design

8. Heritage preservation in built landscapes

9. Case studies in cultural and sustainable built projects in Nigeria

10. Nigerian topics in Afrofuturism, past, present and beyond.

Course Texts & References

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