Course Description


This course introduces students to the lifestyle of the Igbo Ethnic group of South Eastern Nigeria, scouring through their Culture, Spirituality and elements that culminate in an Architecture that is unique to them. Students will be introduced to the research initiatives of CPDI Africa – The Community Planning & Design Initiative Africa.


Course curriculum

  1. 01
    • HT1301 Module 5 Chibuzo Ohaneje

  2. 02
    • HT1303 Module 5 Recoding Chibuzo O

    • HT1301 Module 5 Presentation

Course Objective


The course Harnessing the hidden cultural originality in Igbo Architecture allows us to study the cultural and historical narratives of a people, as preserved through their architectural heritage and built urban landscapes. In this special course, students will engage digging out some interesting facts about some elements of Igbo traditional Architecture with the goal to understanding the present evolution from the past. The course seeks to establish that the Igbos have an Architecture peculiar to them and are not Western Architecture copycats.



Course Topics

  1. Understanding Igbo People, Identity and Origins 
  2. Culture and Lifestyle in Traditional Igbo land
  3. Spirituality and their Traditional Architecture
  4. The Elements of Aesthetics – Motifs and Patterns
  5. Materials and Community Engagement Processes
  6. Evolution: Graduating from Traditional to Contemporary Igbo-centric Design


Course Texts & References


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