Course Description

This course introduces students to the concepts for developing the multidisciplinary skills that will be required to develop Sustainable and African inspired buildings. In this course, students will learn how to initiate and plan design driven Real Estate in the unique setting of the African built environment, teaching design practices that are culturally, environmentally and most importantly financially sustainable. Students will be taken through the planning, development, execution and features of the case study project : “HNL Green House”.

Course curriculum

  1. 01
    • Building Sustainably for Afrocentric Commercial Real Estate Development in Nigeria

  2. 02
    • HT1301 Record Module 12 Lape Saleh

Course Objective

The course Building Sustainably for Afrocentric Commercial Real Estate Development in Nigeria, allows us to study the economic landscape of the urban built environment in Nigeria, using the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja as a paradigm. The course aims to introduce designers into pivoting from the typical client/consultant relationship and to develop ideas from concept to fruition in the contemporary built environment. The course aims to equip participants with the basic knowledge required to begin self-builds as a part of practice.

Course Topics

  1. Basic Planning for Self builds
  2. Utilizing Atypical Opportunities
  3. Championing Sustainability and Afrocentric Principles
  4. Financial Planning models
  5. Working or Hiring and integrated Team
  6. Execution and Operations Management