The course surveys the great contributions Africa and Africans have made to Global Architecture. The theory establishes a design methodology that provides for a distinct architectural expression in form, image and space in the modern built environment.

Course Outline

This course introduces the Theory- Afrocentric Architecture by theorist, author and professor, David Hughes. Students will gain the knowledge required to recognize, define and critique African architecture and its impact on the breadth of Africa’s historical and contemporary contribution to the discourse.

Course Objective

The course will study the cultural and historical narratives of Africans and their architectural heritage and built urban landscapes. Students will gain insight into research that articulates concepts that translate the essence of traditional African architecture, into the contemporary built environment. The research becomes critical as African societies embark on major infrastructure and redevelopment projects that at their core, seek to build upon more realistic ‘home grown’ models, inspired by African culture, history and architectural heritage. them.

Course Modules

  1. 01
    • Theoretical Frameworks in Afrocentric Architecture

  2. 02
    • Module one pdf

    • Module One Video

Earn the CPDI Africa Diploma


Certificates of Completion are awarded to students after completing each of the Modules contained in a course. All CPDI Africa courses are audited, allowing students to pace their progress and learning outcomes. Submission of research and assignments, and other learning objectives given by the instructors, is not required, however we encourage students to complete the assignments to aid in successful passing of the Diploma designation graduation exam. Designation of the Diploma in African Centered Architecture is awarded to a student upon successful completion of 3 (three) full CPDI Africa courses, taken either on the virtual platform, having completed face to face, or in person workshops in Africa, and successful passing of the graduating exam offered once annually. For more information on earning your Diploma in African Centered Architecture, contact the CPDI Africa Global Studio registrar at [email protected].